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Wine Bottle Flower Vase Gift Pack Set (3-Pack)

Wine Bottle Flower Vase Gift Pack Set (3-Pack)

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Our Wine Bottle Flower Vase Gift Pack Set is stunningly unique and offers as a beautiful centerpiece within your home decor.  These also fit perfectly on mantels, coffee tables and as special gifts to friends and family.  We cut the top off of each bottle to add a decorative touch and to allow more room for fitting flowers or any decor you'd like.  Each hole opening is about 1" in size.  These make for great housewarming gifts with the ability to showcase anything you'd like for any season or special occasion.

Each order includes 3 hand cut wine bottles per 1 quantity ordered. The 3 bottles included range in color: royal blue, clear and our ever-so-popular green/brown hue.  Flowers are not included.

What Our Customers Are Saying

I was very impressed with the custom etched wine bottle. The work is very professional. I was also pleased with the extra attention to packaging and shipping that prevented breakage!


Cut wine bottle perfectly wrapped with much care !!! Great for battery operated candle ....Fun look with my own special wine label..
Pleasure to deal with this seller !!....Will be back again :) XO


My friend absolutely loved this gift! So cool to have the battery in the cork instead of a cord!

Sharonb 8

I ordered the wine bottles with lights and it really is a beautiful set ! I love it, it completes my kitchen and the Halloween look for it! Thank you!

Hunter Bernstein