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Empty Blue Burgundy Wine Bottles, 750ml - DIY Projects, Décor and Bottle Trees, Pack of 2

Empty Blue Burgundy Wine Bottles, 750ml - DIY Projects, Décor and Bottle Trees, Pack of 2

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Unwind with our Empty Blue Burgundy Wine Bottles, perfect for DIY projects, home décor, or creating a stunning bottle tree! Comes in a pack of 2, these 750ml bottles add a pop of color to any space. Cheers!


  • 11.5 inches tall and 2.75 inches in diameter
  • Holds 750 milliliters
  • Accepts #8 and #9 size cork (not included)
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In the Southern bottle tree tradition, blue bottles such as these are believed to ward off evil spirits. It is thought that the upside down bottles entice the spirits curiosity and they mistake the blue bottles for water and become trapped inside.


Elevate your crafting and decor projects with our stunning Empty Blue Burgundy Wine Bottles! Crafted with care and sophistication, these bottles are perfect for unleashing your creativity. Whether you're upcycling them into charming vases, eye-catching centerpieces, or as dynamic additions to enchanting bottle trees and bottle bushes, the possibilities are endless. With their sleek design and rich blue tint, these bottles add a touch of sophistication to any space or occasion. Let your creativity soar with our Empty Blue Wine Bottles today!

-Measures approximately 12 inches tall and 2.75 inches in diameter
-Holds 750 milliliters
-Accepts a #8 and #9 size cork (not included)

What Our Customers Are Saying

I was very impressed with the custom etched wine bottle. The work is very professional. I was also pleased with the extra attention to packaging and shipping that prevented breakage!


Cut wine bottle perfectly wrapped with much care !!! Great for battery operated candle ....Fun look with my own special wine label..
Pleasure to deal with this seller !!....Will be back again :) XO


My friend absolutely loved this gift! So cool to have the battery in the cork instead of a cord!

Sharonb 8

I ordered the wine bottles with lights and it really is a beautiful set ! I love it, it completes my kitchen and the Halloween look for it! Thank you!

Hunter Bernstein